Making Banking Easier for You

Compass Credit Union Will Have a New Banking System

Since 1952, Compass Credit Union has always aspired to meet our members’ needs and expectations. With banking technology changing virtually every day, Compass Credit Union is pleased to announce that we will be introducing a new banking system, to provide better technology for our members, both today and into the future.

While a banking system conversion is a substantial task, requiring many months of effort and (some) unavoidable inconvenience for members, this upgrade will enable Compass Credit Union to offer the latest banking technology as it becomes available.

When we launch our new system, in early November of this year, we intend to make the transition as convenient as possible for everyone involved. We know that change can sometimes be difficult, but there is no need to worry as our dedicated team will be on hand to help you through the transition, with the same personalized service you’ve come to expect from your credit union.

What can you do to prepare?

We will be mailing out informational brochures to every member, so please make sure to read the brochure carefully to unsure a smooth transition to our new banking system. Pamphlets will be provided to members using in-person services. Our website ( will have updates prior and after conversion, so please make sure you are utilizing our page. You can also follow our social media platforms (@compasscu) to keep updated.