Automated Funds Transfer (AFT)

Are you looking at streamlining your business payment processes?

Pre-authorized debits and direct deposit transactions speed along quickly with increased accuracy and fewer delinquencies with Automated Funds Transfer (AFT).

Initiate Direct Deposits:
• Payroll
• Accounts Payable Items

Collect Payments:
• Loans/Mortgages
• Accounts Receivable
• Strata/Condo Fees
• Donations/Pledges
• Utility Bills
• Business/Property Taxes

How does it work?
The AFT service resides on one centralized database and is integrated into the PaymentStream™ platform to unify and standardize AFT processes and scheduling and provide universal support.

With self-serve PaymentStream™ Automated Funds Transfer (AFT), you'll have:

• The ability to send (originate) same-day AFT credits. You'll get your money quickly and reduce delinquencies.

• Enhanced originator ID limits help mitigate risk.
• Dual Authorization for added risk mitigation

• You can release AFT transactions up to 14 calendar days in advance.
• Avoid printing or receiving cheques by automatically transferring funds from one account to another. It's efficient, affordable, and will
improve your accuracy.
• The ability to download AFT product reports in CSV and PDF formats.
• Increased record retention - up to 18 months of history.
• You'll get real-time file validation during the file upload and release process.
• Email confirmations for File Upload and Manual Release only when a file is validated successfully – fewer emails!

You'll require 2-Step Security to access PaymentStream™ AFT which includes:
• A username and password and
• a Soft Token on a smartphone for instant access. (Hard tokens are available at a cost.)

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